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Wednesday, April 24, 2019
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Videos on Science

Where Did All the Coal Come From?

Where did the large deposits of coal that are found across the world come from? Join us as we discover the answers in...

What Can We Learn from Mount St. Helens?

Join us as we explore the eruption of Mount Saint Helens and learn more about this example of rapid geological change...

Does Science Prove the Existence of God?

Can we use science to prove that God exists? First, we must decide exactly what we mean when we say “science” – what ...

Why Are There So Many Fossils?

Why do so many fossils exist in the world? Explore the answer in this informative presentation provided by our partne...

How Did Speciation Arise?

If only two of every kind were on Noah’s Ark, then how did we end up with so many different species? Join us as we in...

Is Radiometric Dating Accurate?

Radiometric dating proves that the earth is millions upon millions of years old – or does it? Join us for an insightf...

Why Are There Different Races?

If we all descended from Adam and Eve, then where did all the races come from? Join us in this thought-provoking disc...