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Friday, March 22, 2019
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Ministry Ordination Policies

Ministry Candidate Expresses Sense of Call

When a person senses that God is calling them into vocational Christian work, they will confess this conviction in a public worship service. After a time of counsel with the minister, they will become a candidate for a ministry license. This is the first in a two-step process for gaining ministry credentials. 

Licensing Process

The ordained deacons and ministers will convene either to affirm or deny their agreement with this sense of call. If affirmed, a licensing service will be scheduled. The candidate will share their testimony before the congregation and a laying on of hands ceremony will take place. A licensed minister is authorized to preach the gospel as they have opportunity and to perform wedding ceremonies. 

Ordination Process

Generally held after some measure of seminary training or church staff service, when the candidate is ready to stand before the Ordination Council, one will be convened by the Pastor. During this time, the candidate will be asked all manner of questions regarding doctrine, lifestyle and ministry practice. After this examination is complete, if the Ordination Council is willing, the recommendation to ordain the candidate as a minister of the gospel will be formally given.

Ordination Service

Typically, the ordination service will be scheduled a week or two following the Ordination Council. The candidate will preach a message. The Chair of the Ordination Council will present their recommendation. The church family will vote. Following the vote, another laying on of hands ceremony will be performed.