First Baptist Church
Friday, March 22, 2019
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Deacon Ordination Policies

Nominee Prequalification

After a man is nominated by the congregation to serve as a deacon, but before the election takes place, a special Deacon Selection committee will meet with the candidate to determine if they have met all of the qualifications as outlined in the Bible and our church bylaws. 

Election Prequalification

Once a man is elected by the congregation to serve as a deacon, if he has never been ordained, then he automatically becomes a candidate for ordination.

Ordination Council

An Ordination Council will be convened, usually in the church parlor, in which current deacons and life deacons meet with the candidates and ask questions about their Christian testimony, beliefs and walk with Christ. After this time of examination, the Council will vote on the prospective deacon's candidacy.

Ordination Service

Typically, one's ordination service will be scheduled a week or two following the Ordination Council. The candidate will present his testimony before the congregation. A brief charge or homily will be offered. All ordained deacons and ministers will form a line and participate in a laying on of hands ceremony. The Deacon Ordination certificate will be presented. Usually, there is a reception following the service.